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  • art direction
  • identity design
  • web design & development
  • graphic design
  • motion graphics
  • copywriting



A new direction for an established digital agency

After more than a decade and a half serving the funeral, veterinary, and equine care sectors, Beyond Indigo felt it was time for a complete recharge of their branding and visual communications. One of my primary tasks as Creative Director was to conceptualize and carry out this rebranding.

Originally focusing on grief support and funeral services, the agency spun off subbrands as it developed specialties in veterinary and equine marketing. These subbrands were in need of refinement, without replacing the base components—such as the logo colors and “Ghosty” figure—that had gained equity with their clients over the years.

Process sketches

Process sketches and concept explorations

The new identity, with the theme “seamless integration”, unified the subbrands and shifted emphasis to veterinary care as the agency’s primary niche.

Beyond Indigo corporate and subbrand logos

Each subbrand was given its own identifying color and gradient. Each gradient is a transition from the primary brand blue to the subbrand color.

Beyond Indigo logos before and after comparisons

Existing logos were cleaned up and stylistically unified, while preserving their fundamental DNA

Underlying structures of the Beyond Indigo and Beyond Indigo Pets logos

Underlying structures of the logo marks

Marketing Ecosystem illustration

The Marketing Ecosystem illustration symbolizes Beyond Indigo’s primary practice areas


Icons convey seamless integration with fluid, looping strokes

An elevated web presence

One of the most prominent implementations of the new identity system was a completely new website. In an increasingly competitive market, the website differentiated itself with its elegant cleanliness and laser focus on services and educational blog articles.

Website Home page preview Code Code sample

Beyond Indigo Pets responsive home page

Beyond Indigo Pets responsive home page

Full Beyond Indigo Pets home page

Full Beyond Indigo Pets home page at desktop width

Flexibility across media

The identity system’s toolkit of simple parts allowed quick generation of new pieces across media, from sales brochures to motion graphics.

Sales brochure

Spreads from a saddle-stitched sales brochure

Trade show booths

10' popup booths that can be used individually, or combined into a single 20' booth

Door hanger and t-shirt

Trade show door hanger and giveaway t-shirt

12-second video preroll ad, based on a template that can be populated with different statistics to generate new ads quickly