Concierge Mobile Animal Hospital


Beyond Indigo


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Balancing state-of-the-art luxury with a warm touch

As a startup practice serving highly-affluent South Bay, CA, it was important for Concierge Mobile Animal Hospital to emphasize the convenience, technological sophistication, and luxury experience of its services. However, these attributes had to be balanced with the warmth, friendliness, and accessibility expected of a provider of pet care in a laid-back beach community. While on staff at Beyond Indigo, I provided a logo, website, and toolkit of basic identity components to get this mobile practice moving in the right direction.

Process sketches

Process sketches and concept explorations

Branding that’s always in motion

With a fully-mobile practice, the truck is its own traveling billboard and storefront. It was important that the logo be simple and highly legible, at speed and at a distance. The logo boldly emphasizes “Mobile Animal Hospital” for a quick read that’s hard to miss, even at 40 mph. Peace signs and beachy colors lend a bit of local favor. Truck livery was designed by a local vendor using the base identity materials.


Primary logos, and a secondary pictogram element that spells out the practice name symbolically within road sign shapes

A website light & clean as an ocean breeze

The website is built with a flexible grid system and large, touchscreen-friendly links to essential information. A video produced by a local videographer fills the hero area. The home page features a Google API map that uses ZIP code data, fed by a Fusion Table, to outline the hospital’s service area.

Website Live website Code Code sample

Responsive home page

Responsive home page

Full home page

Full home page at desktop width