Credant Technologies


Schantz Inc.


  • art direction
  • graphic design



Building a citadel of trust


Device case decal

As a computer security vendor protecting 2 million endpoints in private, academic, and government sectors, every manifestation of Credant Technologies’ branding had to convey a sense of solidity, safety, and trust. Starting with an established logo and color palette, I developed a kit of visual identity elements and implementations under contract by Schantz Inc.

Bold containers with borders broken at 45° angles mirrored the interlocking angles of the “citadel” logo mark. Stock photos with cool colors and strong angles were selected to carry the theme through. In addition to the blue and warm gray from the logo, a dark magenta accent color was introduced to increase the profile of some pieces.

Credant Technologies was acquired by Dell in 2012.

Print ad

Two-page spread print ad


A versatile set of icons was created for use in marketing, flow charts, and technical documentation

Sales sheets

Product sales sheets


Hospitality suite posters tailored to the suite’s theme

Trade show booth

10' popup booth

Pocket folder

Pocket folder